Video: (2 Min) Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: The Norwegian Way | HBO

Sports “The Norwegian Way”

We were inspired to learn how the Norwegians use sport – skiing in particular – to develop character and life skills in their youth. In fact, we’ve modeled our entire facility around this methodology.

It’s not about grooming the next superstar athlete (although they seem to do plenty of that)…it’s about cost effective access for everyone, with a focus on fun.

“Everyone is invited to participate – regardless of skill level, financial circumstances, or socioeconomic background.”

Tony Mangat

Inclusion over elitism

We know that the more young adults that we are able to invite into sport, the more far reaching the effects on their lives and those around them will be.

Only an elite few make it to the top levels of sport. The ultra-competitive model that we’re observing in the space simply doesn’t work for the vast majority of participants.

Ultimately, we believe we’re in a position to lead a paradigm shift in sports. The ripple effects of inclusivity, positivity, and equal access for ALL will last for generations.

Quick Tip:

There are simple 3 questions that adults should be asking their kids at the end of any game or season:

  • Are you having fun?

  • Are you working to improve your skills?

  • Are you excited to come play again?

So why does our method matter to you?

Because of 2 major crises that everyone in youth sports is facing right now…